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Beasiswa Bakti Tani


Key Activity










Farmer Welfare


Provide scholarships for higher education to farmers' family members




Farmers' Families

TaniFoundation and Yayasan Khouw Kalbe provide scholarship for children of farming households looking to earn higher education in agriculture.


Established with the goal of contributing to creating education and skill development, providing infrastructure, and creating a collaborative and sustainable ecosystem, TaniFoundation works through three pillars: capacity building, technology and infrastructure, and welfare and financial inclusion. Through our long-term projects and programs, it is hoped that farmers in Indonesia will be able to improve the quality of agricultural activities effectively, efficiently, and environmentally friendly so they can improve their welfare in the future Escalating farmers’ resources require long-term intervention, we present TaniFoundation. 


In solving these challenges, it is necessary to provide assistance and infrastructure to help farmers throughout the preparation, cultivation, and harvest stages. TaniHub Group Indonesia through TaniHub, TaniSupply, and TaniFund has created an ecosystem that helps farmers acquire financing to scale their business, assistance throughout their cultivation process, and supply-chain backbone and marketing for their produce. However, we realized that our existing ecosystem can only embrace farmers’ existing resources without escalating them.

TaniFoundation and Yayasan Khouw Kalbe have joined forces to provide scholarship for farmers’ family members who are pursuing higher education in agriculture. It is part of TaniHub Group’s move to bolster social impact creation among its stakeholders.
The program, which will be running throughout 2022, allows eligible students to receive a stipend worth Rp6 million per semester and self-development trainings as well as other benefits.
The goal of the program is to create farmers’ resiliency in which younger generations in the country’s agriculture sector are prepared to face market and climate challenges. By implementing better knowledge and technology, they are expected to improve the quality of farm products and, eventually, improve the welfare of their family and community.
Both TaniFoundation and Yayasan Khouw Kalbe believe this effort will help young farmers build a collaborative and sustainable ecosystem which benefits the country’s agriculture sector and its whole economy.
Below is detailed information of the program in Bahasa Indonesia:

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