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The agricultural sector plays an important role in economic growth in Indonesia. Based on the data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), agriculture accounts for 13% of Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020 with 2.59% (YoY) growth in the fourth quarter of 2020. Being the third largest contributor to the GDP, agriculture has supported the nation’s economy.

Despite agriculture’s significance and growth, there are many challenges faced by 33.5 million farmers behind Indonesia’s agriculture. Based on BPS’ Survei Pertanian Antar Sensus 2018 on Indonesian farmers, 54% are smallholder farmers with less than 0.3 hectares of land, 74% only received primary education, 74% practice traditional methods of farming, and 87% are not using the internet. These conditions have prevented them from improving their businesses and livelihood. During preparation, farmers experience capital difficulties and high production costs. During cultivation, farmers are only equipped with traditional farming methods in tackling looming climate risks. During harvest and post-harvest, farmers experience difficulties in channeling their produce due to limited storage, logistic, and access to the market.

In solving these challenges, it is necessary to provide assistance and infrastructure to help farmers throughout the preparation, cultivation, and harvest stages. TaniHub Group Indonesia through TaniHub, TaniSupply, and TaniFund has created an ecosystem that helps farmers acquire financing to scale their business, assistance throughout their cultivation process, and supply-chain backbone and marketing for their produce. However, we realized that our existing ecosystem can only embrace farmers’ existing resources without escalating them.


Escalating farmers’ resources require long-term intervention, we present TaniFoundation. Established with the goal of contributing to creating education and skill development, providing infrastructure, and creating a collaborative and sustainable ecosystem, TaniFoundation works through three pillars: capacity building, technology and infrastructure, and welfare and financial inclusion. Through our long-term projects and programs, it is hoped that farmers in Indonesia will be able to improve the quality of agricultural activities effectively, efficiently, and environmentally friendly so they can improve their welfare in the future

 Our Vision

TaniFoundation works to realize a vision of empowered and prosperous Indonesia, by increasing access to knowledge, skills and resources for farmers in Indonesia and their families

• Providing capacity building (education), technology and infrastructure primarily to improve farmers’ financial literacy, and sustainable farming practices.

• Forming a creative, innovative and collaborative entrepreneurial community in the agricultural sector in an effort to improve their quality of life.

Our Mission

TaniFoundation Pilars


Capacity Building


Technology and Infrastructure


Financial Inclusion and Welfare

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